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DS0138 Digital Oscilloscope with Acrylic Case – PHI1081259

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Put the base-plate and the 4 side-parts in the orientation as shown here flat on a table. Insert the 4 long M3x30 bolts from below into the base-plate and fix them loosely with 4 M3-nuts.


Detach the display-PCB of the DSO138 from the motherboard. Grip it at the right long side where it is fastened with the large double-pin header with the motherboard. You may need to use some force and wiggling to get it detached.


bolt another 4 M3-nuts onto the long M3x30 srews. They serve as spacers for the motherboard. You get the right position if the BNC-jack and the barrel-jack are centred at the holes of the temporarily inserted side-plates.

The image here contains an error! The 4 upper M3-nuts are needless. They belong down at the bottom of the long M3x30 bolts to fasten the M3 bolts.


Insert the first intermediate-plate with the many cutouts as shown.


Carefully re-insert the display into the pin headers. Watch out that there is a second small 2pin-pin header on the top-left of the display-PCB.

Then connect the display with the first intermediate-plate by means of the 4 little M2x6 bolts and nuts. Then insert the 2 identical intermediates on the stack of plates.


Now insert the 3 caps for the slide-switches into the long slots on the left side. Try out if the lower side cutouts grip the slide-switch by sliding the caps left and right On the right insert the 4 caps for the pushbuttons.

There is a fifth cap on the lower right for the RESET-button, which was forgotten when taking the picture.


Now temporarily put the cover-plate onto the stack and check if everything fits well. If yes, take off the cover plate and the 4 side-plates and finally fasten the lowermost nuts on the long M3x30 bolts.

Then reinsert the 4 side plates and the cover-plate and fix the stack with the 4 cover-nuts.


*The assembly instructions were extracted from website.


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