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XY-J04 Programmable Timer – PHI1072206

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  • 12VDC to 23VDC Operation
  • 0.1s to 999m Setting
  • Solid State Load Control
  • Sleep / Low Current Mode
  • Three Operating Modes
    • OP – Delay on trigger / power-up
    • CL – Delay after trigger / power-up
    • LOP – On delay, off delay and cycle



  • Operating voltage: 5VDC – 36VDC
  • Timer setting: 0.1 seconds – 999 minutes
  • Current limit: 15A 400W (max)
  • Trigger voltage: 3VDC – 24VDC


Operating Mode:

  • P1 – After the signal is triggered the relay turns on the OP time and then turns off.
  • P2 – To trigger the signal, the relay off CL time, the relay conduction OP time, timing is completed, disconnect the relay.
  • P3.1 – The trigger signal, the relay turns on OP time, the relay off CL time, then cycles the above action, then cycles again to the signal, the relay off, stop the time. cycle (LOP) can be set.
  • P3.2 – No need to trigger the signal after power-on, the relay turns on OP time, the relay disconnects the CL time, the cycle of the above action. The number of cycles (LOP) can be set.
  • P4 – Signal hold function if there is a trigger signal, the timer is cleared and the relay remains on; when the signal disappears, the relay is turned off after the time OP.


Timing Range:

In the mode selection interface after setting the parameter value by a short press of the STOP button, select the time range:

  • XXX. – Timing range: 1 second to 999 seconds
  • XX.X – Timing range: 0.1 seconds to 99.9 seconds
  • X.X.X. – Timing range: 1 minute to 999 minutes

For example, if you wanted to set the OP to 3.2 seconds you would move the decimal point to XX.X and adjust the digital display to 03.2


These parameters are independent of each other, but each mode shares these parameters.

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