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Introducing the AM FM Radio DIY Electronics Project Kit


If you want to build a retro project, make no mistake; the AM FM Radio DIY Electronics Project Kit will make you reminisce about those radio days.


Building an electronics kit is an excellent pastime for most electronics hobbyists. Not only do they enjoy their build; they also learn a lot from the experience. They get to know new components, assembly techniques, and circuit ideas. Some people don’t get the same satisfaction from constructing/designing circuits on a PC compared to building an actual project. 

Couple this with learning basic electronics principles from the past, building an AM/FM transistor radio is a good way to start your retro kit making experience. You get a basic idea of amplifiers, AM/FM radio circuits, and get to know the newest and practical IC’s to do the job.

A Short History of tRansistor Radios

The first transistor radio that was mass produced was the Regency TR-1 made by Texas Instruments and Industrial Development Engineering Associates (I.D.E.A); both U.S. based companies. It was a small, pocket sized radio that had pleaseing aesthetics which appealed to the masses. Soon, other companies (such as RCA, Wesinghouse, Dewald, etc.) followed and developed their own brand of transistor radios.

After learning from the U.S., Japanese companies also produced their own transistor radios. Sony was one of the most famous brands. After time and experience, they produced cheap transistor radios with the help of cheap labor and mass production.

The popularity of transistor radios later diminshed as newer emerging technologies such as CD’s, Digital Media, and the Internet arrived.

Kit Contents

The kit contains all the necessary parts to build an AM/FM receiver.

  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Amplifier IC
  • AM IC
  • FM IC (SMD)
  • Tuning Capacitor
  • Antenna
  • Speaker
  • PCB
  • Casing with Battey Case
  • Label
Additionally, you’ll get a complete step by step user assembly manual from Phipps Electronics.

What You'll Just Need

You’ll just need basic to intermediate electronics assembly skills and your electronics tools such as:

  • Soldering iron (30W)
  • Soldering lead
  • Screw drivers (large and small size)
  • A magnifying lens table or magnifying glass
  • Long Nose and Diagonal Cuting Pliers
Optional Tools:
  • Soldering Wick
  • Tweezers

Video Demo

Building a retro project could never be this fun with the AM FM Radio DIY Electronics Project Kit 🙂


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