Setting up Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi

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In this quick getting started tutorial, we will be going over how to install the Raspbian operating system onto a Raspberry Pi.
Raspbian is the base operating system from the Raspberry Pi foundation and will allow you to perform many tasks and applications from this feature-packed install.

Installation is quite simple and straight forward with the longest part being the copying of the data.

So without further ado, let’s get started.



  • Raspberry Pi
  • MicroSD Card
  • MicroSD Card Reder (If needed)
  • Computer



  • Raspbian Operating System Image
  • Win32 Disk Imager
  • SD Card Formatter



Download all necessary software to computer; the software can be obtained from the following address:
Win32 Disk Imager:
SD Card Formatter:


  • Install Win32 Disk Imager & SD Card Formatter to the computer you are using.
  • Insert the MicroSD Card into your computer via an external reader or built-in slot.
  • Browse to “This PC / My Computer” to view drives and confirm that the MicroSD card we just inserted is appearing.
  • Open SD Card Formatter, select the MicroSD card drive and select Format. Once the format is complete, select OK.
  • Open Win32Disk Imager, browse to the Raspbian Operating System image we have downloaded, load into the application and select “Write”. This will copy the OS to the MicroSD Card.
  • Once complete, you will be able to remove the SD Card, insert into your Raspberry Pi, connect the Pi and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setting up of the OS.


You have now successfully installed Raspbian Operating System.

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